Easily and simply about parliamentary rules of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine by Volodymyr Kryzhanivsky

On January, 26 the participants of the Parliamentary Internship Program met Ukrainian politician and diplomat, the first Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine to the Russian Federation, a member of the Parliament of the 1st convocation, the expert of the USAID RADA Program – Volodymyr Kryzhanivsky.

Experienced politician was teaching the young interns of the parliamentary rules in an interactive way. It seems that for the young participants it was an unusual way of studying, but really an exciting one. Therefore, all participants who attended the lecture have been divided into 4 groups. Each of these groups received a definite task. They had to tell how a draft law is registered, how it is putted to the agenda and how it is passed to the 1st and 2nd readings. Thus, the parliamentary rules of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine could help them to find a correct answer.

During the lecture Volodymyr Petrovych in different ways tried to cheer interns up, demonstrating a good sense of humor: `I was watching you were working, and, you know, in every group only girls were writing the information. Despite this, usually men become Prime Ministers and Presidents`.

After the end of presentations by working groups Volodymyr Kryzhanivsky encouraged interns to use this six-month period of internship to understand that on every level of work professionalism of a person should be a must in our country.

We may be confident that this lecture and knowledge of the parliamentary rules will be of a good use for interns in the future. Furthermore, it will help them to take one more step forward towards to their goal.

Author: Vitalia Tomakhiv
Editor: Yuliia Konovaliuk
Foto: Yuliia Teleshova