The Parliament of Ukraine: how does it work?

Traditionally, trainings in the Parliamentary and State Institutions' Internship Program begins with the close acquaintance with the Parliament, its structure, features of work, etc.

What the Parliament of Ukraine is according to the Constitution of Ukraine, its structure, functions and responsibilities – all these told to the interns the assistant of `Interns` League` Julia Teleshova. Also, she informed in details who are the members of the Parliament, what are the requirements they should satisfy, how they are selected and their duties and specificity of work.

For example, for today there are 423 deputies in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, united into 6 fractions, 2 groups. Also, there are non-fraction members who work within 27 parliament committees and 1 special commission.

Next speaker Natali Vatamaniuk represented the UN Development Program in Ukraine. She told about parliament reform, touched upon the question of the citizens` awareness about work of the legislative body in the country. Thus, Natalia reported that according to the poll, approximately 90% of people understand the Verhovna Rada of Ukraine only as the deputies. Beside, great part of the citizens can`t give a clear answer to the role of the parliamentary coalition and opposition. The speaker as well informed about opened data portal, online-tool for accounting reporting of the members of the Parliament, portal for public discussions of the drafts law, e-petitions platform to the Verhovna Rada of Ukraine etc. All these instruments confirm that the Parliament is on a high level of openness.

The unexpected information for the interns was the fact that the population of Ukraine was not very willing to participate in the elections – only 47.58% of citizens appeared at the voting stations. The participants of the internship program were also surprised by the fact that after Revolution of Dignity (2013-2014) no bills showing any reforming ideas has been approved.

With more detailed information about work of the portal of open data of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the interns had an opportunity to get acquainted thanks to the virtual `excursion` given by the Head of the Department of computer systems Oleksii Sydorenko.

Deputy Director of the Staff Department of the Verhovna Rada of Ukraine Apparatus Olena Smiian informed on the structure of the Apparatus of the Parliament of Ukraine, features of the public service and competitive selection for the vacancies in the VRU. It became known to the interns that in order to become a civil servant, you need to go through the testing and interviewing processes. It is interesting that there may be around 60-80 candidates for 1 vacancy. Today there are about 88 open vacancies in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

At the end of the day the interns had opportunity to communicate to some internship supervisors – Angela Maliuga, the Head of Secretariat of Committee on State Building, Regional Policy and Municipal Government and with Sergii Goriachev – the Head of the Information Office of the Apparatus of the VRU.

Author: Vitalia Tomakhiv
Editor: Yuliia Konovaliuk
Foto: Yuliia Teleshova