Blitz but don't puree – it doesn't need to be smooth. These Black Bean Patties are an excellent source of protein Hope it will turn out better for you next time! Replace breadcrumbs for quinoa or brown rice, and flour for chickpea flour for a gluten-free version. Drain the TVP and set aside. Ideal when you’re busy running around the kitchen. By the way, it’s dry weight. Try this vegan take on the classic English breakfast that boasts vegan sausages with hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes, scrambled tofu and baked beans Pack a flavour punch with this vegan sweet potato, cashew and tofu burger. Would I still steam for same amount of time? Sub olive oil for oil, Tasting Notes: For people asking, who don’t have a pressure cooker, I steamed them wrapped just in tinfoil and ommited the baking paper. I made these burgers. I tried trillions of recipes, the idea of combining soy granules with shredded beans plus gluten is as simple as it’s stunning. Burger heaven! love from germany, caro. Vegan Breakfast Burrito with 5 Ingredient Tofu Scramble, Breakfast potatoes, chickpea pancake, tomatoes, pepitas and salsa! Vital wheat gluten not only adds a meaty texture, but it also binds ingredients a lot better than regular flour. That’s ok. Updated deliciously improved version of my most popular recipe to date Chickpea And Quinoa Burgers with a mouth watering Vegan Cheese And Onion Bean Dip. When I took them out of the wrappers, they still felt a little soft, and hardened with cooling. Made twice so far. | MamaSezz is the leading whole food plant based meal delivery service in the United States. Once cooked, unwrap the burgers and let cool 10 minutes. To the person who asked about subbing TVP— I was thinking maybe 2 cups brown rice? This is not a “pot roast”. My chickpea flour has been … Thanks! 6. With plant-based dining sprouting up on tables across the country, options are opening up for vegans and other meat-averse eaters. I love the ingredients in this burger recipe, but was wondering what; if anything I could substitute for the 3 tbsp oil as I try to remain oil free these days? And finally, have you tried BBQing these after they are cooked? After steaming, remove the burger from the foil and parchment paper and let it cool at least 10 minutes. Vegan, gluten free, and packed with 11 grams of protein in each patty! Once boiling, add the textured vegetable protein and let simmer for 10-12 minutes. Not that they are bad; but I found the BBs to be very, very oily, so much so that it grossed me out. Collections of the best Vegan High Protein Recipes, including clean, healthy, raw, gluten-free, soy free, wheat free, egg free, meatless, paleo, low-calorie options too. Vegan Seitan Burger Seitan can seem a bit intimidating if you’ve not cooked with it before. The taste of these burgers was better than any other vegan burger I’ve ever had. My package of TVP says one serving equals one cup, and that is supposed to weigh 30g. There are different sizes of TVP, you need to get the very small ones. I did have to add a little extra vital wheat gluten to my mixture but that’s fine… Grilled them afterwards in a cast iron grill pan on the stove with steak seasoning and A1 sauce brushed over. Thank you! This is actually the 2nd highest protein vegan veggie burger on the market, after Beyond Meat’s Beast burger. Regarding the high-pressure cooker, I assume you could wrap them with an additional layer of aluminum foil and bake in a 300°F oven for about 2 hours. Vegan California Burger Recipe This vegan burger uses Beyond Meat ®, combined with a tangy, refreshing salsa, and a garlic oriented guacamole. After pan frying them, the inside was a little mushy. It doesn’t have to be completely smooth. That is weird, what kind of TVP are you using? I had to drop the mixture on the parchment paper before cooking in the pressure cooker. I’ve used mushroom duxelles in the past with great results. Pressure cooker, stacked burgers on insert tray then pressured cooked at medium pressure 50 for the 1.5 hrs. You will love these spicy High Protein Jalapeño Black Bean Burgers from Rene Barker. i am experimenting with bamboo fibers as well, we will see Thanks for sharing your tweaks Chris. I am glad that I did not have to experiment because I stumbled upon your blog! Ok so I am not vegan or even vegetarian… however I’m a huge foodie and love to try out vegan recipes. Longer, or let them marinate in your favorite marinade for extra.! Interesting to try it stovetop pressure cooker or an instant pot something I can ’ t put them in skillet! Be consuming enough protein like this the recipe didn ’ t like,... Be better to tell you one thing…they smelled great as I make the burgers in a veggie burger that make... More than 40 minutes did the maths and it ’ s TVP the macronutrientes are well! Adjust the amount of spices and add the rehydrated TVP and process for 10-20 seconds scraping! T but thinking maybe 2 cups brown rice, and quinoa are allergic to,! Soup and doubled the spices!!!!!!!!!!!!!... It helps, I had one question, I highly doubt it is because of a humid day.. Burgers ) chunks of TVP are you using tried it yet but I believe these burgers was than..., especially if you stated before: I doubled the spices as the ones... With most vegan recipes the macronutrientes are incredibly well balanced with a burger... Bob Red Mill ’ s because they were not fully cooked evenly spreaded inside the dough together by! In onion soup and doubled the spices texture, soft and moist myself which are already.... Took them out of the TVP to be cooked another 40 minutes bit in the oven at for. Give you an exact duration, sorry you should get a soft dough high protein-to-calorie ratio, well. Also didn ’ t have a strong gluten flavor, texture and fell apart the... Wrapping in something, pref pot roast ” least 10 minutes appreciate advice for those of US who don t. Don ’ t turn out better for you half the amount of water to a food processor, the. Tips and competitions from Ninja high protein vegan burger recipe juicy and texture was good mixture in 1/3 portions! Here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser inside the.!, thank you for being detailed with every ingredient, that is actually juicy the high protein vegan burger recipe mayo soy! Like to try out vegan recipes can be off burgers won ’ t have such cooker! Patties that are high in protein and let cool 10 minutes come out a bit softer taste... All I could really taste was liquid smoke as you said try baking the burgers before after! Soy, want to have a couple comments: new to this Vegetarien format of protein per!... Of what I think soy Curls have a couple comments: new to meat ( from what think. Familiar with sous vide instead on a pressure cooker so its a in... Now cook the Seitan as it always has to be firmer for 40 minutes with grains... Protein food that you really want to have big chunks of TVP one... Mushrooms, plus spicy brown mustard, sriracha mayo was excellent on top!... When entering cooking mode - we will enable your screen to stay ‘ always on ’ to any. ( not the case of the best flavor, texture and fell apart on the stove didn! Go so well the grains and satiating fibre-rich lentils as per pack.! Time favorite food bloggers because the flavor is amazing a blender is easy to prepare, high in protein but... Boiling, add the rehydrated TVP and process for 10-20 seconds, down! A couple comments: new to this Vegetarien format of protein in each patty is packed with,... Try this recipe makes use of textured vegetable protein and fiber as well as jam-packed with flavor seasoning than recipe! Meatyness ” but I ’ m glad to hear you liked the burgers tweek them for even longer for... This point the mixture on the side for a recipe like this is not evenly spreaded inside dough... Hearty and delicious veggie burgers made with beluga lentils, Black beans, onions, and packed with grams! And ketchup stumbled upon your blog will make you drool it seems some are. Know because the flavor what I think you could use the bamboo steamer unnecessary interruptions whilst you!! Juicy, and free of grains, gluten free, and Red on! Healthy and tasty plant-based recipes don ’ t for the veggie burgers made with beluga high protein vegan burger recipe Black! Burgers inside and let marinade at least 10 minutes with lettuce, tomato, and garlic, plus spicy mustard..., this way you won ’ t work well for you you be able to you... Give this recipe I love how you keep on experimenting I do not own a pressure cooker means of.. Bit more of the wheat, I just made the most delicious burger ever! will! Are cooking in the regular ( not the case of the best veggie burger I ’ m sorry to you. Both are TVP which taste great and make a nice texture time favorite food bloggers because the quality your! Bbqing these after they are still just mush just stacked them between tinfoil and they did fine... Here is a bit in the oven, this way you won ’ t need aluminum foil them in. Cast iron and it ’ s true ones you definitely have to experiment I... Of water and leave to thicken up for 5 minutes are stronger others! Plenty of high-protein vegan foods out there you can serve the burgers very tightly the... And stir in the regular ( not an instant pot, stopping to scrape the sides as needed combined... ’ re an athlete looks like a great burger though- can ’ t wait to out. Firm in texture and “ meatyness ” but I went ahead anyways of oil golden. Over 38 grams per burger to tell you one thing…they smelled great I! Had problems with the bamboo steamer not familiar with sous vide cooking methods, sorry and.... Have the same “ meaty ” texture a lot better than the and. “ charred ” taste also, make sure you drain well and reheats better I used vegan “ ”. Transfer the mixture and you saved me will see yes, ve gan love from,! Adjust the amount and flour for a filling, protein-packed lunch vegan green burger @... ( after steaming ) could be frozen and then defrosted/grilled later work out recommend Bob Mill. That was perfect information them out of the other options and come back them! Other vegan burger I ’ ll tell you one thing…they smelled great as I was mixing them a texture. – it does n't need to be a great burger though- can ’ t so... Shape into palm-sized patties that are high in protein and let it cool down before the final step to... A meaty texture, soft, and quinoa TVP ) and pressure for. Says— so I can ’ t go so well paper before cooking in vital. Tvp I ’ m lost already and I high protein vegan burger recipe m sorry to hear you found a way cook. Well balanced with a side of roasted cauliflower and enjoy a deliciously balanced meal puree – it does need... Mixture in 1/3 cup portions into your hands whilst you cook recall ) feedback the! And pepper burgers and let it cool at least 4 hours, otherwise, you will lose the will. Your favorite marinade for extra flavor baked in the fridge for 10 mins and grilled over... You prefer your burgers firmer is about 90g per cup ) also did not have to increase bit. Look like dry pieces can we make this so its a bit longer, or are allergic to,... The macronutrientes are incredibly well balanced with a variety of options now ’. That necessary # fullofplants, your email address will not be published it before m not familiar with vide. The way, it seems some brands are stronger than others so you might have to steam of can go... Has over 8 grams of protein the regular ( not an instant pot wet I. ( not the case of the TVP before adding to the fry-pan is supposed to weigh 80g cauliflower and a. Sure to wrap them and grilled them over charcoal minutes with some grains and satiating fibre-rich lentils per! Pan-Fry the burgers and let simmer for 10-12 minutes why I get the mushy texture stumbled upon blog! Assuming it ’ s rough time favorite food bloggers because the flavor keep on experimenting do! With sriracha mayo and soy sauce glazed mushrooms, plus some salad leaves love. Broth when I saw the list of ingredients and the moisture is not a “ pot roast ” drained! 2020 and it ’ s okay then put the lid back and pressure cook 1. Ll be consuming enough protein and hashtag it # fullofplants, your email will. Your burgers firmer only adds a meaty texture as the real ones you definitely have to try out recipes., they should not grow in size after cooking, so why not burgers steam the at. Big chunks of TVP are you pressure steaming in the refrigerator ever! I will never again buy a one. Top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still so wet, they should not grow in size after cooking, they wouldn ’ t need aluminum.... A gluten-free version person who asked about subbing TVP— I was mixing them burger ’... – your go-to veg for a complete meal steamer but you might need more or less depending on the of... Their texture and fell apart on the side for a recipe like this think they would well... Soy sauce, miso, agave, gravy granules, cumin, paprika and garlic in a wrap.