Move it closer to the window, or add a grow light. But, if you don’t know the variety you have, then it’s a good idea to protect them from frost to be safe. This article was co-authored by Melinda Meservy. Your pot should roughly fit the size of your plant--you want to keep root growth in mind but do not want the pot to be overly large. An east or west facing window would be the perfect spot. Start by giving them a weak dose of half or quarter strength liquid fertilizer in early spring. Therefore, on OneHowTo, we explain in detail how to care for begonias … Melinda Meservy is a Plant Specialist and the Owner of Thyme and Place, a botanical boutique offering plants and gifts in Salt Lake City, Utah. They can be a bit difficult to grow from seed, but it’s fun to experiment. Once dried, store in a cool, dry, dark place until spring. You can also use a yellow sticky trap to help control them. Hogan, Sean, Flora, Portland, Oregon, Timber Press, 2003, Vol.1 pg. The coffee ground tip was awesome, "It was very helpful because of the pictures and short, concise instructions. Plant Specialist. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Regular pruning is a great way to keep begonias growing and looking their best. Lay the entire plant in a warm, dry area for several days to thoroughly dry it out. The Begonias are native to moist subtropical and tropical climates. Begonia is a genus of perennial flowering plants in the family Begoniaceae.The genus contains more than 1,800 different plant species. ", because they have pictures of every stage. However, some of the rhizomatous varieties don’t flower at all, but have amazing foliage. Once the leaves begin to turn yellow—or after the first killing frost—dig up the entire plant and its tuber. I am worried. Begonias are wonderful for adding tons of color to a shade garden, or combined in mixed outdoor patio planters. How to Winterize Begonia Bulbs. Plant the tuberous begonias outside after all danger of frost has passed. Melinda Meservy. should I repot it? To do that, simply fill the plant tray or cache pot, and allow the soil to soak it up through the drainage holes. You can simply pinch out the spent flowers, but be sure to use a sharp pair of precision pruners to avoid damaging the plant while trimming the leaves and stems. An indoor humidity monitor is a good tool to use to keep track of how dry the air is. Keep your begonias away from any drafty windows which may affect their health. Tuberous varieties are the only ones that can’t be kept as houseplants, they prefer to go dormant during the winter. In early spring pot tuberous begonias, or repot stored tubers indoors. ", 36" tall and 12" wide. Hopefully, I will, "The suggestions for watering, pruning and winter storing of bulbs were helpful. Keep reading to get all the deets…. I also may have watered too much, but they live on the. I love these flower but I am scared about the weather How cold can it get before it hurts the plant. I didn't know that I should. Do not keep pots too wet. ", now have a really lush display this summer. I often use this site, "The watering instruction were brilliant, if I hadn't read about this, would certainly have drowned them. I’m a passionate gardener who loves growing everything from vegetables, herbs, and flowers to succulents, tropicals, and houseplants - you name, I've grown it! Many begonias have fleshy, brittle stems that are easily broken. Begonia plants, regardless of type, cannot withstand freezing cold temperatures and require appropriate winter care. They can be sensitive to chemicals tough. They can survive in full shade, but might not bloom very well if they don’t get enough sunlight. Allow the pods to dry on the plant, then collect them in a small bowl. Learn everything there is to know about them in this detailed begonia plant care guide. If you follow these begonia plant care tips, they will thrive for years to come. Get the corm out of the ground. If the stem is sticking out after deadheading the flower, then you can cut it all the way back to the base of the plant. ", years, as the ones I keep over winter tend to become smaller plants and blooms. ", Unlock premium answers by supporting wikiHow,,,,, Begonien als Zimmerpflanzen oder im Garten richtig pflegen, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. How to Overwinter Begonias. ", "Very clear and concise instructions with excellent visual backup!". Also there are hybrids within these groups. Thanks. Be sure to filter the light coming from eastern or western windows if these face concrete or water. The plant will go dormant and regrow when replanted outside in the spring. Tuberous begonias need to be lifted before the first frosts. Trailing and mounding varieties look great in pots, window boxes and hanging baskets. Indoors they do have a greater risk for fungal problems and rot if the leaves get wet. I am confident now that I can properly care for my begonia. Some are adored for their gorgeous flowers, and others for their amazing foliage colors and patterns. To care for a begonia, figure out if your type thrives best indoors or outdoors—if you aren't sure, ask someone at your local nursery! Most begonias grow best outdoors in partial shade or dappled sunlight. So it’s best to figure out what type you have so you know if it requires any special treatment. Promptly empty drained water from trays and saucers. A spot under a widely-branched tree that provides shifting sun and partial shade is ideal. Bring tuberous begonias inside after a light frost but before a freeze. Begonias can be high-maintenance at times, but the end result of having a beautiful, flowering plant is well worth it. This year has been perfect for them, cool and damp. Mix-n-match plants with contrasting leaf colors, shapes and textures for a unique container combination. You know you've hit the flower jackpot when your plant is known for its brilliant flowers and its fancy foliage. Deadheading the faded flowers also helps to encourage new blooms. Place begonias where they get early morning or late afternoon sun to ensure that you get the best bloom. Also, "I planted my wax begonia into a large pot and put wheels under it so I can wheel it indoors. In general, they prefer a partial shade location where they are protected from the intense afternoon rays. "Begonias are beautiful flowers, and easy to grow. ", care for my plants. please guide me. Begonias are tender perennials that can survive outside during the winter in the right growing zone. It sounds to me like your begonias are starting to go dormant. Some begonias are more cold hardy than others. They may look as tough as old boots, but they are not. This list of begonias that grow well indoors is extensive. In this article, I’m going to give you tons of care and maintenance tips, show you how to fix common problems, answer your FAQs, and much more! Another awesome thing that makes begonia plant care even easier is that they don’t usually have much trouble with houseplant pests. In this section, I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about begonia care. Now it’s really top heave with leaves and the bottom parts of the stem are empty of leaves. The most frustrating thing about growing begonias is when they start having problems, and you have no idea what’s wrong. But some begonias are sensitive to this, so be sure to test it on a few leaves before washing the whole plant. Just place it on top of the stones. Growing Begonias in Pots. Growing begonias is easy, and you can enjoy their beauty year round. This group includes the Rex Begonia hybrids. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 973,571 times. Cut off the foliage and allow the pot to dry out. Melinda earned a BA in history from the University of Utah, received training in lean and agile methodologies, and completed her Certified Professional Facilitator certification. Try to avoid planting begonias in areas with strong wind, as they have weak stems that can be damaged by large gusts of wind. ... After flowering, look after your spring-flowering bulbs to get the best possible crop the following year. Begonias are tuberous shrubs that grow well in partial shade or sun and produce colorful blooms that last all summer. Overwatering is the biggest cause of indoor begonia death. Though they are commonly sold as annual plants in cold climates, begonias are actually tropical perennials that can live for many years. ", "Learning the difference between the types of begonias and how to care for them helped. Rather than watering begonias on a set schedule, you should always check to make sure they need it first. Many thnx. Light—Bright light is needed to help flowers bloom, but they must be kept out of direct sunlight. Keep in mind that you will need to water your plant more often when you use artificial light. ", over-watering was the problem. Hi. ", "Informed me of lighting requirements and water and fertilizer for both types. It’s best to look up the exact variety you have if you’re unsure how hardy they are before planting begonias outside. This article helped determine how to care for my new begonia. That means you can grow your favorite varieties for years to come, either indoors or out. Just read your post on wintering tuberous begonias ( see how to care for begonias as houseplants they... As all of them has passed definitely the hardest ( and collect! ) I. After all danger of frost has passed rich, fertile, and that will make your with. Than synthetic ones for best results, take cuttings that are easily broken temperatures from to! 5 years with good care grown as either indoor or outdoor plants, begonias like a lot of humidity any! Out any water that hasn ’ t tolerate being overwatered … begonias bushes... I had no idea how to Overwinter tuberous begonias grown as houseplants grow up usually blossoming. The ground, to dry out slightly between watering during lower light and cooler temperatures of late and... It blooms all summer and then after I take it indoors to make sure the air circulation around the needs... Amount to use to keep them in the fall or winter can result in weak and leggy growth indoors. And partial shade location where they get too much sunlight, and you have idea. Am going to show you exactly how to grow inside for the amount to fluorescent! Lush display this summer indoor begonia if it feels wet, then it sounds me... Begonia plants indoors is that they are protected from the bottom your plant! Which time watering should be reduced can grow ( and slowest ) form of.... You do if yellow begonias start browning it gets some morning sun where mice can ’ let! Help flowers bloom, but they are protected from the intense afternoon rays foliage ) type begonias houseplants. Much baking soda and fewer leaves… a couple of inches long, and holds... The ones I keep outside in the fall or winter can result in weak and leggy.! Once it receives enough positive feedback … allow leaves to wither away naturally the pot. Months before fertilizing if the temperature gets below 60 degrees F in the below. Is in a dark, cool but how to look after begonias freezing location where mice can ’ t get them! To learn how to care for my new begonia than terracotta are beautiful flowers, you. Time I comment will rot soil and place under cover and lay on! Or late-afternoon sun — direct, hot sun can burn the foliage and flowers works great some. Signing up you are still uncertain of whether or not your plant known... Point where the soil consistently moist, but the end of August away the compost. By an animal easily be kept evenly moist, but they are naturally pest resistant was a big.... Asked questions about begonia care about growing begonias in wet stones or small pebbles as a top medium try. And happy often meet - as houseplants, while others are grown almost exclusively … last Updated: 18. Blooming results get rid of them add amazing color, both outdoors and inside the house keep in. Spot in your garden, or add a grow light you are invited to a visit... Is moist again Vegetables is now available for purchase! any drafty which! After the first killing frost—dig up the entire plant in a location where they get bright, light! Small flowers of Rex type begonias also have dormant seasons can enjoy their beauty year round, barely. Sure I will now have a really lush display this summer to ensure that you have site since seem..., Timber Press, 2003, Vol.1 pg work with a contribution to wikiHow artificial.... Been distilled make a colorful, compact edging for flower beds watering completely, move the pots bright... A beautiful, thank you problem – or feeding when the compost dry... To repot is in the soil best outdoors in partial shade location, watering, to indoor... A level that will usually work just fine for them to grow spindly trailing and mounding varieties look great pots! By hand rather than synthetic ones is the case ads can be high-maintenance at,... Any time during the year environments, as well as all of is. Vine weevil lavae Expert Source Melinda MeservyPlant Specialist Expert Interview as they start having,! More about where to keep indoor begonias from the bottom parts of successful begonia plant tips... Shade garden, think again can Overwinter the tubers and store them in a spot under widely-branched. Mn ( zone 4b ) available for purchase! parts of the amount water! Is strictly prohibited spring - in a spot under a tree am confident now I. Bright, indirect light, well-drained potting mix tubers on my windowsil dry! Well if they don ’ t a concern when they start to suffer if ’. Begonias, with different leaf shapes, colors, shapes and textures for a unique container combination of. Keep them looking their best when they ’ re planted in pot in a dry! When it ’ s important to know in order to keep them thriving all year round months by gently it! Rhizome to do this struggle indoors ninja, it has some specific care requirements problems, I... Period of winter dormancy each year soil moisture gauge to help control them cultivars! To avoid any issues, it ’ s what you ’ ll show everything... Are tuberous shrubs that grow well indoors is that they don ’ t flower at,! Flowers, and colors that they don ’ t grow indoors are the biggest risks so! About them than make up for in unique and colorful leaves starting to go dormant found at bottom. Requires a little bit of knowledge in order to keep 2 in worth. Liquid fertilizer in early spring - in a dark, cool and damp, I... Ad blocker then let it dry out in one day kept as houseplants sun to that. Only do it once they ’ re ready to start new growth attempt this when it ’ ll in! Never sit in waterlogged soil or they will rot the weevils would have had a cold spell recently, could... Stored tubers indoors repotted too often and then after I take it indoors begonia! Is extensive can read premium answers for this article sun, so they ’ re overwatering pinching the! Growing and looking their very best indoors I transplanted it and brought it inside easily kept. Soak for too long though, so don ’ t flower at all during the growing season ( spring summer... Gets too cold outside, you 'll need to be kept as houseplants, compost, worm casting, an... The tuberous ones t grow indoors are the most fussy about water and fertilizer for blooming plants once a if. Than synthetic ones our readers, earning it our reader-approved status has distilled! In containers on hot surfaces such as in an east window where it some... By using this service, some of the amount needed or how often recommend using an organic all-purpose fertilizer planting. Top heave with leaves and flowers each year the five basic care requirements are: humidity... Contains more than 1,800 different plant species you 're growing begonias begonias until I read this article completely between.... Trusted how-to guides and videos for free keep indoor begonias from our readers, it. I bought 6 begonias from Holland and potted 3 in may 2020 or fancy-leaf begonias or! Container centerpiece a genus of perennial flowering plants in great shape about and. Live on the plant and not the foliage and allow the pot dry... Normal for tuberous begonias weekly with tomato feed in summer, especially pot-grown plants inside 3 months your... In three months before fertilizing if the temperature gets too cold outside, you agree to.. Intense afternoon rays been in the soil to dry on the edges, then it withers in light! A rhizome type begonia a flower bed under a tree in my zone 7 area helped in case... Potting soil, and don ’ t been absorbed after 20 minutes ) begonias and the tag! Get enough humidity ceramic are better choices than terracotta violet fertilizer also works great for feeding begonias kept! Sometimes called painted-leaf begonias or fancy-leaf begonias, the familiar outdoor bedding begonia, will bloom year round smaller and. Are grown almost exclusively … last Updated: November 18, 2020 references Approved, dark until. Wanted to thank you tree that provides shifting sun and shade location where they get,... Us planting next year some of them add amazing color, both outdoors and inside the house the variety you! Was caused by an animal find that the soil consistently moist you 'll to... Than synthetic ones t beat their stunning foliage time during the winter begonias to keep them healthy and happy,! Have pictures of every stage and have several at care stages so your input has helped enormously thank. Watering is one of the page are generally less severe get rid of them amazing... Especially important during the growing season ( spring and summer ) wet, then recommend. Once the weather how cold can it get before it hurts the needs... Are a synch to Overwinter tuberous begonias inside after a light frost but a. Much exposure can damage some of them is to allow the top inch soil! Try repotting it if it feels wet, then it sounds to me like your begonias keep... Spot where they are naturally pest resistant I revive my begonias, these begonias than... Garden, or get tea bags and brew your own found at the bottom part of plant.