$27.50 $25.00 incl GST. You're improving your soil, but it's still clay. This is a liquid clay breaker which is based on liquid organic matter. Established in the year 1982, Ever Bright is an ISO 9001:2015 certified online and offline wholesaler that supplies quality clay-breaker to consumers spanning across the globe.Owing to its amazing benefits, the offered clay-breakers are popular for its soil conditioning, amending and fertilizing property. The free Improve the clay and you will improve the lawn. LawnPro Prickle & Hydrocotyle. Amending clay soil isn’t an easy task, nor is it quick. Gypsum will help to separate the clay granules, allowing water to drain through the clay soil better. Lawns - Spread Iron Sulphate 1kg. Shop undefined 40-lb Gypsum Improves Soil Structure in the Soil Amendments department at Lowe's.com. The addition of grit and plenty of organic matter will improve drainage and the structure of the soil. The Gypsum will move straight into the soil to break up the clay. As the soil is tilled with the rotary ho, it will take on a whole new profile. The clay breakdown agent will not damage soil pH. $27.50 $25.00 incl GST. When I cored this year I noticed that once they dried out they became rock hard. Gypsum is ideally applied before installing a lawn by mixing it into the soil base, but can also be applied post-installation. Sphagnum peat moss lightens clay soil providing access to the nutrients locked inside clay soil. It is as simple as that. Still, if you don’t have the time nor the energy to invest in improving your soil, you can take the raised bed route. Additional Tips for Amending Clay Soil. Applying Gypsum straight after lawn coring is the best time to do this. Gypsum Natural 25kg. Vitax Clay Breaker can be used in all areas of the garden and can be applied as an Autumn top dressing on lawns. Ordinary clay soil contains about 30 percent fine clay particles. If I were to sprinkle clay breaker in now (spring rather than autumn) and then add a 4” layer of rotted manure on top would that be beneficial to heavy clay soil or am I better just doing one or the other but not both? Holes in the lawn. 3X Vitax 2.5Kg Clay Breaker. Clay Breaker Soil Conditioner. Lawn Topdressing Mix. Seed or turf a new lawn once that’s all done. Gypsum is the common name of hydrated calcium sulphate. A fast acting liquid concentrate that delivers 100% available calcium. If the soil has a heavy clay component then some Gypsum Clay Breaker should also be applied along with the Fertiliser and Wetting Agents. I wouldn't glysophate the lawn, lift the turf and bury it a spade depth down. Turning it all over. Helps modify hard compacted clay soil into more open pliable soil. Not sure what mileage I get compared with the liquid clay breakers, and the humic acid as you mentioned. If your yard is pretty much dead, you may want to consider using a rotary ho. ... GUARD-EN-FORCE Granular Garden Lime Soil Conditioner, Fast Acting Fertiliser, Lawn, Flower, Tree and Crops Plant Food, Sold in … It is good with flowers, vegetables, trees, lawns, in the greenhouse and on the compost heap. It is used for conditioning soil without affecting the soils natural ph. Grass lawns with excess water or rainfall that is not absorbed can create a lawn drainage problem. It may take several years before your garden’s soil has overcome its issues with clay, but the end result is well worth the wait. This would require 250kg per sq … When building new gardens it’s the perfect time to prepare the soil, and if you have clay soils, it is very important to build up the soil before planting. $39.90 $ 46.4 SAVE 14% - + Add to Cart Product Video See it in action! $8.00 incl GST. Richgro Natural Gypsum Clay Breaker improves the condition of heavy clay soils. 101. My front yard was done by the builders and I think some of my issues are from them not really prepping the ground well before they laid sod. FYI, I treated my own lawn organically for many years and top dressed with compost as well. Supplied in an easy to handle […] Breaks up the heaviest clay, making soil easier to work Improves drainage and enhances soil warmth to encourage earlier cropping Will not damage soil pH Can also be applied as an autumn top dressing on lawns Description Vitax Clay Breaker is formulated to break up the heaviest clay, making the soil easier to work. I realise this thread is a few months old but I wondered if anyone can give me some advice re clay breaker and manure?