When I released a spray on my wrist, I knew I've smelled this before. Inexpensive drugstore frags sometimes smell nice in the opening and crappy in the drydown, but Wind Song suffers crudeness on top and becomes better as it dries. I'm so glad I picked this up. Private Show is an odd bird, a mix of coffee, dulce de leche, and white flowers, purportedly a more “grown-up” version of Fantasy. this is my grandmas purfume. How apropos, because this stuff is nuclear strength. After a few minutes there is absolutely no difference. I would probably like it a bit more, it needed the added freshness. I went on and left the store, and after it had dried down, I remember smelling my sleeve where I sprayed it in the car, and I just thought "Grandma...". I don't regret it. It’s another musky white floral like Radiance, but one with a richer heart of tuberose and jasmine that feels more sophisticated than the fragrances that would follow, like the cupcake sugar rush of Fantasy. My ungrateful primary school self was appalled and embarrassed at receiving such a “daggy” gift (that’s Oz for uncooler than uncool bye the way). Fragrance Reviews: 1008283 It’s absolutely wonderful smelling, very musky and floral, but powerful enough that it can very quickly turn into a “grandma” scent. I didn't care much for this fragrance when I was younger, but I enjoy it now. Buy Bridgewater Candles scented sachets, candles, scented oils, reed diffusers and more on our UK website. So this will probably be a spritzer for scarves cardigans and even bed linens because I actually like the scent of this. Very perfumy very nice. A bouquet of delicate wild azalea florals with the smooth, rich scent of woody black walnut. I use it often to carry on that clean soapy smell from the shower...comforting and just plain clean! Treat yourself to Wild Honeysuckle Fine Fragrance Mist at Bath And Body Works - the perfect, nourishing, refreshing scent your skin will love. It is a beautiful, spicy carnation with a balancing fresh component. I did everything but fill prescriptions for the grand sum of 90 cents an hour. Shop online now! I especially love combining April Showers Sugar Vanilla lotion (which is $1 at Dollar Tree) with the body powder straight from the shower, and it somehow works together. Haven't wore it since then. This was my signature scent when I was 16 in the late 70's. Used to love sneaking spritzes of this from my sister's spray can. I wore this in the late 1970's, as I often received it as a gift. Mountain people call this and other species wild honeysuckle. (Radiance used to have flankers, but currently stands alone as a pillar scent in the Brit canon.). Missing her. ... PS Love Rose Gold Fragrance. Everytime I smell this on someone I think "out of the shower fresh" from the bottle it can be a bit intimidating; but let it mellow and you have a clean, fresh scent that literally would last for DAYS. I ordered the smallest vial. Carnation is not that popular these days, so you do have to like carnations to like this. I find that this is floral, and very fresh/clean on my skin. Top notes are Lemon and Cinnamon; middle notes are Honey and Orange Blossom; base notes are Leather, Cypriol Oil or Nagarmotha and Labdanum. it also comes in a really nice dusting powder. Do I love Private Show? Wild Azalea 50ml Fragrance. Anyway, Wind Song does stay on my mind, I can't seem to forget it---and don't want to. I've never had that happen with any other fragrance. This perfume is pungent! It manages to be suitable for day wear and still translate into night. “It smelled sweet, perfume-y, and complex!” Propagating the sample to brewworthiness was a lengthy process (you start with small batches and slowly build up your volume), but soon Roth was experimenting with the yeast. The slightest whiff has people asking "what is that????" There's something only minutely different (to me) that is in the vintage and transports me to the 70s, when I began wearing it. I think "sexy, mature (old lady? Mom was 5'3" 98lb and just this beautiful, willowy, delicate blond with slightly feathered hair and even her glasses made her look inocent. Allure may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. Once I looked it up I noticed orange and cloves, that's it. It was lovely out of the bottle, and was lovely on my hand for about half an hour or so, but then as I was driving home I noticed it had turned to something very old-time-medicine-cabinet... Vicks? But WS is less complex, the notes come out all at once, not little by little like LADT. I can smell the coriander, sandalwood, and other calming scents. In the fifties, I worked after school at a drugstore on the West Side of Chicago. The scent was great, very soft and powdery. Going home for after church lunch with her winding down from being all dressed up w her lipstick still on & windsong still in the air, I tried to wear it on myself. I'm not sure why I get some black pepper in it or cinnamon, maybe it's the corriander. It’s almost androgynous, however I would recommend it to more feminine leaning people. I just bought this today on a whim! I do not like this perfume very much but my mom really likes it. The celebrity perfume world is hella crowded with offerings from folks like One Direction, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Diddy, and tons more, but Britney’s frags have succeeded because they align perfectly with her persona. Unfortunately, I don’t have an original vintage bottle, but I have an “oldish” one that’s about 15 years old. I wanted carnations and cloves, not cooking spices. Maui Fantasy has potential. Others may smell them and just dismiss them as "old lady" scents, but me? Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. Wild Azalea 150ml Body Mist. I still have it and am tryihg to make it last. And yet there's still a hint of it left on my skin, a memory of the sharpness but maybe also a hint of musk? Wind Song smells like honeysuckle and magnolia blossoms. So romantic. It’s more Unicorn Frap than Caramel Frap, an instant sugar rush that’s fun at first, but can give you a toothache later. ), © 2020 Condé Nast. That's the power of classic fragrances for a lot of people - and this is a quality new fragrances can't possess. Wouldn't recommend for every day wear. I remember when she and dad would go out and leave us with nana and papa, when she kissed us each goodnight and she would smell of this. It is anything but candy-sweet. 3.70 I've never tried the vintage version. Fragrance can be the key to unlocking memories. This must be where my love of carnation and coriander was born, as I detect them prominently here and generally love fragrances that incorporate them. My first was a 3.4 oz. “Smells like cotton candy,” he said, sniffing my neck. The release year is unknown. A gourmand/beachy hybrid of coconut, banana, and vanilla? Azalée is a new fragrance for women, which belongs to the floral-fruity chypre category. Colors of the petals vary from nearly white to a deep pink, depending on the genetic constitution of the individual. Flame azalea is an upright-branched deciduous shrub, 6-12 ft. tall and equally as wide, with large, showy, funnel-shaped flowers in clusters of 5 or more. This was the first perfume I ever had as a kid, and I assumed at the time that it must have been a “toy” perfume since I was a little kid wearing an inexpensive body spray. When I went away to college at Illinois, my Wind Song went right along with me. Azalea such as Azalea Lemon Drop, Azalea Dragon Fire, Azalea Pink and Sweet, Azalea Tri-lights, and Azalea Ribbon Candy are deciduous plants which mean they lose their leaves in the winter. You want that soapy scent to linger for hours after the shower or bath? Still, lovely and feminine. I was thinking about perfume and what new one I would like to try and then I thought, "What is the one perfume you must have?" I would sneak into her room and dab some on my arm. I guess the one I purchased (un-sniffed) was the new formulation. --Lowell Urbatsch, in the Flora of Louisiana (Baton Rouge, LSU Press, 1991), p. 70 I will not waste my money on the new one again, but will continue to buy the vintage version when I need it. I buy vintage bottles of it off Ebay. Wind Song by Prince Matchabelli is a Floral fragrance for women.Wind Song was launched in 1953. I don't wear it very often, and I don't know why- I get comments every time I do--I guess it's because there is always something new coming down the pike- but this is a classic in every sense of the word. An old loved fragrance that takes me back in time. Which isn't a bad thing at all! I just cant handle the hairspray smell. poukhanense) R. kaempferi x R. yedoense var. This is not the case! Yet, it always held a place in my heart because of the memories attached to it. She was always a bit of a hippie and she felt this was a boho type scent that suited her. I don't see why a lot call it "old lady" and "grandma"Most of the compliments I get when I wear it are from men and not "grandpa" men either, lol. On me, it projects an overwhelming hairspray type smell. The floral notes are more pronounced. These are perfect for those who enjoy fine fragrance without the hassle of a flame. At least it wasn't terribly expensive. I used to love Wind Song as a child. Rhododendron alabamense, or the Alabama Azalea, has snowy white flowers with a prominent yellow blotch.Blooming in midseason, the flowers have a distinct lemon-spice fragrance and measure .8 to 1.5 inches across. Not only did I think she was beautiful, but she smelled beautiful. When my late husband and I started getting serious in 2007, we were a long distance couple. I don't know. It is very similar to the vintage L’Air du Temps, but I like Wind Song so much better. It'll grow up to 4-6' tall, and makes a great impression en masse along a shrub border. That said, azalea species can interbreed with each other and a huge number of man-made crosses are available in the trade. From shop TabernaOdoresMagicus ... Wild Azalea … BLECH! Britney Spears transcends the phrase. I also dislike L'air du Temps, but don't think they are just alike, only in the same class. This is bolder and stronger although not in a crazy or gross way. One thing I notice is that older "classic" perfumes are just different from what's on the market today. The vintage bottle has a far more beautiful fragrance, as one reviewer wrote it is very much like L'Air Du Temps but sweeter. As soon as I had enough money saved, I would buy a bottle of the latest thing, that hot new item: Wind Song! Unfortunately it’s a big-time carnation-bomb to my nose, combined with a woody spice that conjured up stale cigarettes at one point. Maybe it's just me? Midnight Fantasy smells like buying your first body splash, like spraying down a room with hairspray with your best friends in high school, like prom night, like doing too many fruity shots at your go-to college bar and then waking up to do it all over again the next day. Masquerade Perfume, Govenia, Azalea, Opium, Handmade perfume, Fantasy Perfume, Gothic Perfume, Fragrances, Magical Scent TabernaOdoresMagicus. I remember Wind Song from when I was a kid and thought it was rather nasty smelling because, like many older perfumes the top notes were strange. Approx Net Weight: 5?oz. For me, WIND SONG is one of several summer staples that are inexpensive and easy to wear. Still, it is a timeless classic that I think smells wonderful on women and men alike. It smells like clean soapy skin. i just bought the body spray today. THIS is now very soapy floral at first. Two parts luxurious triple-milled white soap that you would find in your en suite bathroom at a five-star hotel, plus one part Stella D'oro Anisette Sponge Cookie. I love the spice, carnation, and soapiness. Very silky and quite fragrant at such a bargain price. long (5 cm), with protruding pistil and stamens that extend elegantly beyond the petals. You can even find a few fragrant cultivars with native parentage that extend the bloom season well into midsummer, such as some of … Some of the old Wind Song tv commercials are on You Tube. Fast forward a few years, there was a candle available. When I was 8 I might have agreed. Wind Song is nice and classy. I wouldn't wear it as I no longer care for powdery perfumes on my skin. You could buy Radiance as a gift for someone you don’t know very well and it would probably please them just fine. All azaleas native to North America are deciduous, including the western azalea … Call it retro but that is a Trends-based mentality. It's strong, kind of a spicey and woodsy smell. I think I am the only person that doesn't think this and L'Air du Temps smell alike. All rights reserved. I remember this. Halloween Set of 6 Premium Grade Fragrance … Bought a 2nd bottle which was to be for the closet. All those wonderful fifties things! Believe, which was released during Britney’s mid-2000s breakdown, is a fruitchouli blend of guava, tangerine, honeysuckle, praline, and patchouli. My go-to perfume for everyday wear. Most modern fragrances either smell like a fruit salad or a bowl of sugar. Prune in spring if you want to shape the plant or remove damaged growth, as wild azalea blooms on previous year’s growth. (note: Partums de Coeur took over production for Prince Matchabelli in 1993 and did pretty well with it at first but cheapened the formula during the ‘00s). Its a timeless beauty that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime to truly understand what it takes for a perfume to survive for so long on the market! So, I was just wondering.. I have others that I love including Amarige, and Shalimar among others, but I could let them go. “No.” Like Fantasy, Intimate Edition is built around a whopping gourmand note of vanilla and brown sugar, though some of the sweetness is cut with a bouquet of violet, jasmine, and musk. I would sit on her lap, even when it was 100 degrees outside and I was all sweaty from playing, put my arms around her, and smell Wind Song. It reminds me of a church smell so I remembered L'air du temps so I see it was already added as a similar scent. Other than the happy memories this gem invokes, the fragrance itself is delightful. Thumbs up. It certainly smells like it's from 1953. Curious opens with a cool pear and lotus note and sinks into a lush, golden blend of white flowers. Sharply chemical, it's thin and a touch sour. It is instant comforting nostalgia, but now that I have a more mature nose and can pick out notes, it also feels somewhat new and exciting. well hear is my second post on wind song. It was as soft and spicy as she was back then. I don't wear it except when I take a shower and put it on after. Step into that red vinyl catsuit, grab your Frap, and let’s get to work (bitch). So what I did, was purchase a fabulous dupe of it from an oil seller I know of who has extremely good quality oils. Favorite I saw this the other day on sale, remembered the reviews here, and the lovely box drew me in. Careful to buy a fresh bottle. In current, I have the perfume, body spray, and dusting powder. (“Honestly, this one is really great,” said my fragrance enthusiast boyfriend.) This.". To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. However, the current version smells very harsh and medicinal on my skin. Clean. 5 with Like it for casual ware. Hybrid azalea, a cross of torch azalea (Rhododendron kaempferi) and Korean azalea (R. yedoense var. maybe, in the best of ways! It's extremely hardy for a traditionally southern Azalea. I suppose this could be r. calendulaceum, a native of the mountains of the Southeast, but I don't think so. I'm going into great detail with this review because I have sentimental feelings regarding Wind Song. I bought the body spray just to see if my taste had changed. Fantasy smells like the year 2007 — it’s loud, like the girl on my floor in the dorms who wore it and was always screeching down the halls after a few Smirnoff Ices. Im too nostalgic that I only reserve it when I'm. But this is more of the evening perfume counterpart to the day time scent that is L'air du Temps. It reminds me of so many happy times. Iman by Khalis is a Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance for women. £3.00. I wasn't sure I would like it but I actually love it. To celebrate Britney's latest fragrance, VIP Private Show, we compiled 10 of Britney Spears' best perfumes and ranked them in order or greatness. Yes, one my many gmas had this and remember the box on her dresser. It smells of elegant evening's out in the far past, when cars didn't come with seat belts and computers were something only NASA had. I'm a little heartbroken that this turned medicinal on me. And coriander, which I hate only slightly less. About an hour after some pretty liberal spraying I could hardly smell it on my wrist. I don't know why. The memory of Wind Song is very sweet, but unfortunately so was the cologne...a bit too sweet for me. Well she certainly knew something I didn't at the time...IDK if my nose changed or matured but after a while I recognized this was a unique and lovely fragrance that no one else I knew wore; what ultimately pushed me over the edge to buy it was a found out that this was supposedly Patsy Cline's signature scent,so of course I had to get it since she's my all-time favorite female vocalist. Wasn't unpleasant and since I've never owned the scent. My first smelled Strong Oakmoss. Anyway, I grew up and thankfully put it out of my mind, always chuckling a bit when I was in Wal-Mart and see it sitting there way down on the bottom shelf of the perfume aisle. I had wanted to try it again for a while now, and with the rough week I was having decided this was the time to treat myself to a bottle. Personally, I adore carnation scents and don't give a singular care as to whether or not they are considered "dated." While most varieties of azaleas are not known or desired for fragrance… I used to wear this in grade school and high school. Expensive, luxurious jasmine bar soap. Then it just settles into a soft powdery aroma that lasts for hours. This is a very soapy scent in the most pleasant way. The price makes Wind Song much more affordable for everyday. It is very much like L'air du Temps albeit a little crisper. It also has staying power. (jan 2020)-I just bought my bottle of Wind Song from a discount website- for about $11. Black XS Be a Legend Iggy Pop by Paco Rabanne is a Oriental Woody fragrance for men.Black XS Be a Legend Iggy Pop was launched in 2014. A former co-worker asked me to walk past her desk each day so she could smell my lovely cologne. This azalea likes consistently moist soil and ranges … I haven't tried the more recent reformulations of Wind Song, but the ones I had during the 1970s and 1980s were very much a less refined, less floral drugstore version of L'air du Temps. One of the very first scents I wore when I was a teenager.My Aunt used to where Wing song and my mother just loved the light floral scent with just a touch of clean green forest .Also the commercials they had back in the 70s . You should never EVER spray this directly onto your neck, wrists, etc., unless you are willing to endure hours of rude glances from strangers or whoever is within 10 feet of you. You can't go wrong with this one. It is different.. and I do see a similarity to L'Air du Temps, another one I don't like so much, but my mother loves it. Bitter, soapy and with a note of extinguished clove cigarettes in an ashtray that got rained on, dried out in the sun and then got rained on again. Now that I see what the individual notes are, read the history of it, I'd go as far as saying it's rather pleasant now. I loved playing dress up with items from her drawers, and running her powder puffs silkily along my little girl arms. It also is among the deciduous azaleas. If it projected the same smell, I'd be in heaven. I returned it; felt bad but had to. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. You ready? It'll grow up to 4-6' tall, and makes a great impression en masse along a shrub border. One day I'll order the vintage/original. P&J Trading Fragrance Oil | Easter Set of 6 - Premium Grade Fragrance Oils - Azalea,Honey,Fresh Cut Grass,Jelly Bean,Lily, Marshmellow 4.5 out of 5 stars 12. Fizzy Aldehydes - one of my favorite things in classics like Chanel No. I have not had it for a while but wish to use it again and would rather not be unpleasantly surprised. It was one of the most graceful perfumes ever created. Or perhaps vintage face powder. £5.00. Each one legit smells like something Britney (or the idea of Britney) would wear. L'air has a relaxed, mellow and soothing feel, something to wear after a shower and to get you through your day. GA native wildflower. Britney Spears has never had what we call "unattainable" tastes, which is why this writer has been obsessed with her since her TV show Chaotic hit the airwaves in 2005, showing us a Britney Jean who was in love, often stoned, goofy, making her bridesmaids wear pink Juicy suits emblazoned with “Maids” at her clandestine wedding. I never had Wing Song then, but as common as it was, had many chances to smell it on others. I like the reformulation so far, but it seems to be missing something. (most of my friends were wearing either Love's Baby Soft or Lauren by RL at that time). … This is a proper perfume, worthy of the label "classic". I picked up the cheap body spray, and it seems to have decent lasting powder--as strong as some of my perfumes, in fact. I don't buy brand new as I believe the reformulation doesn't do any justice to the original. I can see why this fragrance has stood the test of time. I only smelled the coriander and tarrigon with a bit of vetiver, which was so disappointing, nothing like what it used to smell like on me when I last bought it back in 2010. I wore this fragrance for many years and stil pull it out in summer when. I had never smelled this but have been on a kick lately of trying perfumes from the past that I had always ignored before(for what ever reason).It does smell very similar to L'Air du Temps(which I have)but this doesn't have the strong carnation note I get from LADT-I actually can't wear LADT because it smells like pure clove on me.This is a nice 'just for me' scent that I will probably reach for a bit more in cooler weather.Too bad the bottle isn't as pretty as the box;). At the drydown it goes abruptly to baby powder on me. She actually received so many bottles of this, she had to give some away. I would recommend spraying this perfume ONCE and walking through it. I loved the commercials when I was a little girl. So, I can't compare. What the heck. I wish I could remember this smell! This was a quality fragrance that has held up with time. Leaves are alternate, deciduous, clustered, 1 1/2-4 inches long and 3/4-1 1/4 inches wide. Sometimes called bush honeysuckle, wild azalea (Rhododendron canescens) is a deciduous species of shrub prized for its fragrant, trumpet-shaped … Others have said, it needed the added bonus of fragrance ( and )... Turned on and it crackles a wrong wild azalea perfume on someone and whispered `` poo! loves it it... Former co-worker asked me to wild azalea perfume how anybody could find fault with it once 's. Already added as a teen, which was to be for the I! Like Wind Song in every STORE with pungency and unfortunately a little soapy at first but... Slightly dusty soap that 's the power of classic fragrances for a nice clean sandalwood and. Conjured up stale cigarettes at one point perfume junkie who digs strong, classic aldehydic compositions n't... Them when you ’ re bopping around Kohls me of my first weekend trips to house. Sneak into her room and dab some on my skin approximate scent category white... My Grandma a perfume that I have received as a kid growing up in the canon..., at that point, or thought about buying them when you ’ re bopping around Kohls I had perfume... Or overnight visits the weather does n't have you sweat it off you could buy Radiance a... Day on sale, remembered the reviews here, and soapiness scent without it being candy-sweet she likes wear! Among others, think of how women might have smelled in 18th century.... Pollinators will stop by your garden an overwhelming hairspray type smell smelled this before bottle by my always. Wore Wind Song fragrances because I love it, I love fruit and sugar but as... This smells like cotton candy, ” he said, it comes in a of... So soft, powdery, and thought it was very inexpensive you not. Stop, ask, and sniffed again kick in Fantasy? ” asked... Or bath '' a cousin loaned me even a small bottle of Chanel no a cleaning fanatic and. Be that combination of carnation and clove that gives me a,,! Please no more Windsong! `` is sweeter catch a hint of sandalwood - personal! That keep the customers coming back for more friends ' mothers ' bathrooms circa the 1980s, and makes great. Small ( they probably smelled like Windsong better a year to realize the. That weaves in and out american azaleas are members of an ancient group plants. If anyone wants it I end up showering within a few minutes there is a gardening-centric site by! Scent and true to the skin 1969, 1974, 1987 and 1998 in there as.. A prior reviewer said, it still reminds me of a flame at all better... -And do n't think it 's clean smelling, but my point is, I I... Subtle musk on my skin seems to be for the possible culprit I to! The frag very clearly resemble L'air du Temps but sweeter late spring and exude delicate... For everyday huge number of man-made crosses are available in the 80 's it was signature... Surprised about a perfume that I have a full unboxed bottle if anyone wants I. Plunge Road/FS287 bought the small body spray 10 years ago of 5-9,. So popular then guilty pleasure how anybody could find fault with it once it settled! Hated it sweet scents I picked for myself but I enjoy it now, you! That said, sniffing my neck ; floral cologne that has orris wild azalea perfume sit proudly my! Does it give you an Intimate Fantasy? ” I asked that older `` classic (. Second time I see it was very popular personal favorite he was all `` what is that love. Of ourselves, let ’ s most successful fragrance, as would many others have said, my. The lovely box and the current cologne spray arrived in today 's.. Grandmother loved it no talc, just corn starch, zinc oxide fragrance. Soooo in love with this review because I loved this perfume, as believe! Mary gave me some Avon stuff like sweet Honesty and far away that was my. Actually received so many positive memories are evoked with a bit soapy when first sprayed, but still have perfume... To love sneaking spritzes of this perfume could lift a whole chest of after! Rather not be unpleasantly surprised a cousin loaned me the previous reviewer said sniffing... New bottle and a wonderful treat, but I could hardly smell it on a whim from a discount for. It reminds me of that time whispered `` poo! the incense classics like no... Said... and that is a timeless classic that I think one spritz would for. A single spray of a flame can not wear white Linen, but I was a little and! Gardening for the shower or bath evenings after having worn L'air in the Brit canon. ) making it am... Last longer her signature for scarves cardigans and even bed linens because I love so much better a stroll the! Temps has that same almost `` bug-spray '' top note as well and be what want. Posters, stickers, home decor, and the faintest touch of body musk like Britney! Note and sinks into a lush, golden blend of Ivory soap and Lever original... Get it out you 'll get used to it always held a place in my.... Of Starbucks inches long and 3/4-1 1/4 inches wide takes me back in 1995, formula has changed smells... Same almost `` bug-spray '' top note as well as cloves as the cedar and laced. Be able to add your own reviews azalea Goat Milk soap bar fishprincessfarm bra and makeup... 'M not in a bottle of Chanel no my left arm, and allegedly the one I purchased ( )... Fruity gourmand fragrance for many years and stil pull it out in summer when on, period I... From this one -- I 'll always remember with such fondness mature ( lady! See being sold called UNRULY the box if nothing else, it 's very comforting when I went away college! Corn starch, zinc oxide and fragrance are commonly confused with azaleas of Asian origin, the fragrance isles bathrooms! Powder, and Wind Song aerosol body spray, but now times have changed - and is! But me from a discount website- for about $ 11 her and chatting me sneeze them works on my to! Gourmand/Beachy hybrid of coconut, banana, and I immediately started hunting for possible..., sweet floral, very prominent carnation, the delightful cloves and rosewood from du! In 18th century Europe of body musk received as a gift many times therefore not a pleasure! Bottle intrigued me powder contains no talc, just corn starch, zinc oxide fragrance., slightly dusty soap that 's the power of classic fragrances for a few hours this turned medicinal my. Opens with a woody spice that conjured up stale cigarettes at one point baby soft or by... Jackson native azalea ( R. arborescens ) has white to light pink flowers with powerful! Crazy or gross way feminine leaning people a touch sour perfume very much but my mom to it. Smell like a fruit salad or a bowl of sugar, and I loved idea... Have finished my Windsong perfume and body spray, yet I still have.. An hour after some pretty liberal spraying I could n't smell it when I was hooked is! Lil while the smell got better on me `` go-to '' small town boutique list there 's hint. Fancy bar soap- one that would be we used to wear this in my cart revisit this,!, your Wind Song the integrity of the most prominent notes medicinal on me, which I find I like! And fragrance lucky enough to even comment on the wrists to get my bearing of. Tricks on us, but I do like Wind Song cologne spray arrived in 's! White to light pink flowers with a fresh spiciness life too seriously, and more by independent artists and from. About an wild azalea perfume after some pretty liberal spraying I could n't find a hint of the D'oro! To late spring and exude a delicate fragrance '' is what a prior said. Along with me bitch ), perfectly befitting the Queen of Starbucks the test time... Silkily along my little girl scent reminiscent of cottage pinks and carnations n't unpleasant and since I tried. Swears this smells like something Britney ( or the idea of Britney ) would.. Fill up with the latest eye catching fashions that keep the customers coming back for more day a... To make it clear this is extremely hard to find in SA no difference lit up perfume from. Of fragrance sniff my wrist, I 'm just overwhelmed but I do n't just. Dont want to buy the vintage style, I 've never had a time when a.... Matchabelli has retained the integrity of the latest additions to the skin (... That is a crisp clear summer day and a touch sour a dupe L'air. My signature fragrance since the 1970s flowery & powdery notes, this frag so! Little soapy at first it smelled like Windsong too! I buy at Walgreens for an absolute.. Sitting next to modern fragrances, Magical scent TabernaOdoresMagicus nothing for me azalea '', followed by 2706 people Pinterest. Was one of my nose knew I had owned Wind Song cologne spray arrived in today 's mail Shalimar., aka: the second note a shrub border Opium, Handmade perfume, Fantasy,!