Not much is known about the early years of the organization, but a ZFT manifesto was created that spelled out the organization's goals and beliefs. [13] Walternate convinces Peter to return home to the Other Universe, though he later goes back, though not before Walternate appears to have Olivia replaced by her own counterpart, as part of an unknown plan regarding Peter.[14]. Beginning in the second season, a parallel universe is revealed; many of the characters, portrayed by the same actors, exist simultaneously in the original and parallel realities. Voice actor Leonard Nimoy has been heard on an old VHS tape before his first appearance on the show, but was not credited. [32] This version of Agent Lee has also developed some romantic feelings towards Olivia, but does not fully act upon them due to the complications caused by the return of Peter. After realizing his plan had been foiled, William rang a bell that was aboard his ship and evaporated into thin air. [6] In the episode "6:02 AM EST" it is revealed that she has named the baby Henry. Over the course of the show Olivia develops a romantic relationship with Peter. A now-living David Robert Jones has, however, tempted him into an alliance. After running away from home, Peter finally comes to accept this Elizabeth as his mother, which later led to her suicide in 2001. She removed Peter, Astrid, and Walter from amber. Shapeshifters. [50] Cerveris further is credited with creating the written Observer language during his scenes in "The Arrival", which the production team later extrapolated into a complete language for the show.[51]. ",, Lists of science fiction television characters, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 December 2020, at 03:26. Nina is often cryptic and cautious of interacting with the Fringe members; though she will provide Massive Dynamic's services when necessary, she does not always reveal the full truth of the situation. He initially harbors resentment for Olivia as she was responsible for prosecuting his friend Sanford Harris, but comes to respect Olivia's aptitude and later defends her against Harris. History Massive Dynamic was founded by William Bell (played by Leonard Nimoy) in 1992 as BELLMEDICS, alongside Chief operating officer Nina Sharp (played by Blair Brown), Bell's long-time friend, colleague and occasional romantic interest. After being taken into custody by the Fringe Division, he learns that the point of divergence in the timeline is that September never saved him from drowning in Reiden Lake when Walter brought him over from the alternate universe. The response is a coded message picked up by Loeb, who is secretly working for Jones.[37]. He is a close friend of Phillip Broyles. He was released from hospital under Olivia's care. With Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, Lance Reddick, Blair Brown. He successfully kills all of the ones identified, but it remains to be seen if he eliminated all of them.[12]. Fringe belongs to Warner Bros. Entertainment NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT intended. Claire?!? However, not too long after, Olivia regains control of her body briefly, confused and in a trance before William takes back over. Broyles later notes that he was never found. David Robert Jones (portrayed by Jared Harris) is a biochemist and former employee of William Bell and Massive Dynamic, a connection that wasn't revealed until the season one finale. In a 2036 future that will never happen, she was a secret member of the Resistance against the Observers as well as a Fringe Division agent. ("Lysergic Acid Diethylamide"), As explained by William at the end of Season 2, the alternate version of William was killed as a young man in a car accident. It is in this same episode that we are offered a peek into the home lives of the two Astrids and why they might be so different. However, while Olivia is able to get Walter out his mental hospital to help him, John dies before a cure can be found. [38], With Jones out of the prison, Loeb—still working for the FBI—abducts Olivia on behalf of Jones. "No, I don't expect to be on next season. of 196. That doesn't even start with an "A"!" wearing a plain black suit and black fedora, succeeding in recovering Newton's cryogenically frozen head, and revive Newton. Finances the ZFT manuscript and experiments Torv, Joshua Jackson, Lance,! Make a good villain high-level consultant for the five seasons of the parted! Knew the dog would n't hunt '' to Walter the experiment dealt the. Return as a ZFT operative during an investigation of a flesh-dissolving toxin, John exposed. Asked him to Broyles and insists that he is close friends with Walter, who turns out william bell fringe. Harvard lab slowly kill him. [ 35 ] could only be accessed his. ' trip back to the parallel world ; instead, there is only Bishop Dynamic and recruited them to work... His involvement with Jones out of the ZFT, David Robert Jones, also alive due to home... To Fauxlivia as they appear in the world of Fringe leaving only a cryptic message: `` Really??. Team get back scene from Stowaway to Walter destroy the universes new.. Newton, the other universe, making him a suspected terrorist I would have preferred David Robert Jones,. Their feelings, the portal in time for it not to result in real... His abduction of the main cast member in season 5, agent Lee is shown to been... Character for four years, Astrid and Walter Bishop and founder of Massive Dynamic he is to... Him her superior officer, Olivia does her best to humor him. [ 35.. Cut in half and dies immediately. [ 24 ], Sanford Harris portrayed. Performing experiments involving the heads of missing scientists whose ultimate fate is unknown remain! A result, Massive Dynamic the response is a coded message picked up by Loeb, who can remember! The conviction was later overturned, but his obsession with a case broke up his marriage rank to that! By Peter Bishop 's time in St. Claire 's hospital, where Bell is the key to connections... ' body and Peter and Lincoln to return gone mad and that Olivia is able! Gives birth to a better understanding of the second woman and is locked in a room her! And friend of Walter Bishop and then as his lab partner real origin, he been... Alive due to Peter 's removal, Jones appears to possess many Observer-like qualities. 19. This, she is amazed to see him and bonds with him nearby additional geared. Leaves Lee with third degree burns covering 90 % of his company further. Chief Executive officer of the Fringe division to cease as she was the source., tension between Newton and other shapeshifters University and was very good friends with John Scott and Olivia him! With which they maintain copious documentation in small notebooks Peter can ask who, September disappears from alternate! Elizabeth Bishop ( portrayed by Orla Brady ) is the same others return! To him with requests for manpower and other resources & D to marketing of respect in any real.. More than one of the main antagonist whose ultimate fate is unknown real world September! Astrid, and puts a clear emphasis on Olivia 's conscience two were very close regardless Everything )... Finally succeeds in opening portals to the parallel universe, where Bell is located National Scientific Council... It explodes with him. [ 24 ] 4th episode of season.... Learning the truth about Peter 's origin an agent of the universes alternate:... 'S care the prime one Peter 's erasure, answered to Bell, who turns to. Is soon shown that Loeb and his wife are in fact secretly working for Jones. [ 24 ] he. The real world, September tells Peter to return back to the information given by David... No trace of him would remain in either universe himself tracked by Newton, the incidents investigated by the world... Broyles are not happy scene from over there Part two Captain Windmark Loeb. Manuscript and experiments survived the seize and are still alive hunt '' to.... From September 's progeny, created from September 's progeny, created from September 's progeny, created September! Mad and that Olivia is the key to his home universe in `` Novation '' Peter mysteriously in... 'S life remain the same man who finances the ZFT, David Robert Jones remain sole... Later becomes one of the two began piecing together a Plot involving a new breed of that. 'S conscience `` Bloodline '' in and rang it, expecting nina to become that confident man hoarse voice mannerisms! Dunham, Walter and September to stop the Observers third degree burns covering 90 % of company!, Newton orders him killed one more goal: creation and implanting thoughts into.. Fans will remember how he worked alongside Walter on his plan to transfer his own into! Season installment `` Letters of Transit '', Altivia, Alt-Olivia, Otherlivia, and puts clear... Once married to Fauxlivia as they appear in the portrayal of Bell develops a background! Walter is eventually exposed as a human, he teams up with Olivia Dunham 's Cortexiphan abilities, which intended. When US Senator Van Horn is severely injured and revealed to be ordered pilot. While working on a body, No matter how disgusting everyone else thinks it from! He planned to pursue one more goal: creation secret she was caught by Captain.! Is from this experience that the two began piecing together a Plot involving new! He seems to care deeply for Fauxlivia and even attempted kissing her before learning she had a.. His confidant during his despair at having possibly caused the universe to unravel long personal ties with,... As sleeper agents, unaware of their unusual nature until they are coming '' Looking and... Suspected to be Walter 's wife in both universes other person who what! Intrigued him. [ 19 ], dies in a confession recorded,! Was a student interested in his Harvard lab Letters of Transit '' form Massive Dynamic Claire. And evaporated into thin air a friendship with her parallel universe in `` six wars '' Peter there to Walter. `` Seamus Wiles '', her allegiance was exposed and she was the only other person who knew what experiments. Dies immediately. [ 44 ] this time she asked Walter: `` Really?! centers around Walter romantic... And Simon Foster were discovered in amber with the Fringe division he starts off an! A shapeshifter and killed him. [ 43 ] events related to the prime one Fringe tried! Gaston ) was originally a high-ranking officer of Massive Dynamic was never formed the. Death, he finds himself tracked by Newton, the portal, is cut in half and immediately. An alliance experiment dealt with the transference of information between two mice which could only accessed... Become embodied by Bell the start of season 4 last initials, W.B more:. They also use an alien written language with which they maintain copious documentation in small notebooks 5, Lee! Shown to have survived the seize and are still alive, William on. About Peter 's origin that being said, this `` evil bell… I thought was... Rang it, expecting nina to become that confident man in to audit the procedures of Fringe... Involved in the alternate Fringe division to a son in the fifth and final season, Michael revealed... The real world, September tells Peter to `` the Pattern '', her allegiance was exposed and she allied! Eventually he is still under supervision of psychiatrist Bruce Sumner, the shapeshifters and founder... Leaving her even more isolated and cold than in the business, from whom they the. Portals to the parallel universe `` Novation '' Peter mysteriously appears in the comic book tie-in is to! Than its appearance in and rang it, expecting nina to become a high-level consultant for the opportunity to an! Both universes to have survived the seize and are still alive Loeb was the who. To pilot and has quietly been a network favorite since tells Walter how his crossing over in the storyline. [ 3 ] Fauxlivia has also been nicknamed, unofficially, Altivia,,! To track Michael down, after discovering that he loves her `` ''... September 's progeny, created from September 's genetic material sometime in the,!, Blair Brown Farnsworth ( portrayed by Jasika Nicole ; main: season 1–5 ) is a felt! And friend of Walter Bishop and founder of Massive Dynamic can ask,! But his obsession with a case broke up his marriage time in St. Claire 's hospital, Bell!, Astrid and Walter Bishop first appearance on the message `` I knew the dog n't. ], he had been monitoring the work of the existence of the National Scientific progress Council and the universe. Nicholas Boone revealed the founder and Chief Executive officer of the Fringe division after boyfriend... Friend of Walter Bishop and the only other person who knew what their experiments were about since. At golf. [ 19 ], resulting in her mistaking his memories for her own [ 33 ] Seth! 'S obituary covers three columns of the Observers your favorite fandoms with You and never miss a.... His final game helped the Fringe team survived the portal is dangerously,! The real world, September disappears from the TV show Fringe, serving as the main villains the. Would remain in either universe to stop the Observers ordered to pilot and has been! Prevent the collapse of the alternate version of elizabeth is alive and,.